Term And Condition

These Driving School Terms and Conditions are designed for JM Driving School.
You are using of the JM Driving School, you show your agreement. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use the JM Driving School. You can copy or print pages from this website only for personal. At any time, JM Driving School could, without notice make changes to this website. Information should be changed or updated without notice. JM Driving School could make any improvements or changes in the products described in this information at any time without notice.
JM Driving School right to change these terms and conditions at any time, by posting changes on the website. It is your responsibility to review the JM Driving School terms and conditions regularly to ensure you are aware of the latest terms and conditions.


Tuition is only available to learners, who meet the following criteria.
Aged must be 17 or over.
Hold a valid UK provisional driving license.
Legally entitled to drive in the UK.


You and your instructor is responsible for agreeing all matters relating to the timing, location and duration of individual lessons.
You should notify your instructor of any matters which affect your ability or entitlement to have driving tuition.

Cancellation of lessons

If you or your instructor want to cancel a lesson a minimum of 48 hours’ prior notice should be given. If your instructor cancels a lesson without giving this minimum period of notice your instructor should rearrange the lesson. Cancellations by you must be made through email or text message.
If you do not give at least 48 hours’ notice of cancellation you will be charged for the lessons concerned in half. Meanwhile, if your instructor do not give at least 48 hours’ notice of cancellation, your next lesson will be charge half. Please note that in the event of you having booked your driving test. If your instructor says you are not ready for test within this three-days notice period, is better to cancel your test, meanwhile, your instructor right to refuse you for the test.

Payments and lesson bookings

You must pay for your block booking at least 48 hours before the start of the lesson by using one of the following methods, otherwise, JM Driving School right to charge you as normal lesson or cancel your lesson.
Bank transfer, Bank details Mr John Mer, Halifax, ( Sort Code 111126 ) Account Number 00503748.
JM Driving School has no responsibility or liability to you for payments made by any other means. If you pay your instructor directly by any method, you should obtain a receipt from your instructor.

Price changes

The cost of prepaid tuition is based on the lesson price already taken at the time of booking, it will not affect, if any price increase or decrease. Any unused lessons remaining after the price changed.

Refund policy

You are entitled to cancel your prepaid tuition at any time, please see cancellation of lessons above. If you have not taken any lessons at the time of cancellation you will be entitled to a full refund of any amounts paid to JM Driving School with notices of 48 hours.
If you have taken lessons at the time of cancellation, you will not be eligible for a refund on any lessons taken.
JM Driving School will refund you using the same method you used to pay for your lessons, when you made the payment.
JM Driving School may request additional information from you to confirm your identity for your refunds. The refunds may take up to 7 working days to reach your account.
Refund of partial block booking will be made proportionally on any lessons not taken.
If you have paid your instructor for the tuition you wish to cancel, your instructor will refund you adhering to the same principles as set out above.

Transferability of lessons

You cannot sell or transfer lessons which have been purchased in your name to any other person, without other person details.

Use of personal information

Information about yourself that you have provided to JM Driving School, JM Driving School, will not pass to anyone, without the law. JM Driving School use for contacting you in any way such as email, phone, visit and text messages.

When you pass your driving test, may your instructor take a picture or record a short video of you for the testimonial and may use on this website, if you don’t agree don’t let to take picture and record video.


If you have any concerns or complaints about any part of your driving lessons, send an email, call or talk with you instructor.