Feedback’s and Testimonials for JM Driving School
first time passing rates 90%.

Always look forward for your life!!!

Congratulation to Lorenzo passed first time on 14th of December 2020.

(Passed First Time)

Lorenzo, Leeds, City Centre 14th Of December 2020.

Thanks to John I passed my exam on the first try. Despite having some experience driving, he helped me to acquire the necessary practical and theoretical knowledge, so I recommend his classes.
He focuses on what you need to know and practice to pass the exam.

Grateful to have chosen your driving school!

(Passed First Time)

Flavio Leeds, City Centre 14th Of December 2020.

I got in touch with John a couple of month ago asking him if he could help me get through my test. I already had a bit of experience but hadn’t drove for a while and needed to practice and learn a bit more.
John provided a 5 star learning experience. He never wasted my time, his intention was to get me through my test as quick as he could and he did! I passed with John first time, whenever I felt worried he made me feel at ease and when I felt like I needed to work on something, we worked on it. John helps you to prepare easily for your exam and it’s clear he has a lot of knowledge and experience as he definitely knows what he’s talking about.
He’s the best driving instructor I’ve had and I’d highly recommend him to anyone! Best driving instructor in Yorkshire. I can’t express enough how high quality the service he provides his. Even his communication with learners is fantastic!
Thanks for everything John and I wish you all the best!

(Passed First Time)

Jade Leeds, Hyde Park 21st Of October 2020

John is a very good teacher, he is patient and does not waste your time. He was very patient with me and made me feel comfortable during my time learning to drive. I would 100% recommend JM driving if you want to pass!

(Passed First Time)

Alyssa, Leeds, East End Park 24th Of October 2020



(First Time Passed)

Hope you are doing well! I would just like to say thank you so much for helping me pass first time! I’m very glad that I chose you as my driving instructor as I can tell that you’re very honest and just want your students to pass without wasting any time. I also found the reference points and all the links you sent me very useful. One major thing that helped me was when you noticed that I occasionally would panic and you were reassuring and made me feel calmer in the situation, even when I wasn’t confident in myself you were confident in me which I really appreciate. I would 100% recommend.
Thank you for everything John! And hope you and your family stay safe!
Jade Ho

(Passed First Time)

Miss Jade Ho Leeds, Shadwell, 21st Of October 2020

John is an excellent driving instructor who made me feel safe and comfortable from my first lesson with a warm welcome and encouraging start. He made me feel more confident every lesson as my driving  progressed. John is so calm and very understanding and will help you along the way with any issues you have. I felt he looked after me as he would his own. I passed first time with 0 driving faults and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. John hasn’t just boosted my confidence in driving but also my self-confidence and helped me prove to myself that I am capable of anything with hard work and dedication! Thank you John for everything you did for me! “

(Passed First Time )

Gol, Leeds, Gipton, 3rd Of October 2020


I could just say what an awesome driving instructor John is and what a great driving school A-star is, but that just wouldn’t be enough. John is a patient person, calm, relaxed, positive, a devoted teacher, a skillful driving instructor and most importantly he will be a friendly to you. Make no mistake, he will go above and beyond, and even if you fail your first time, because of nerves or pure pressure (happened to me twice, not proud :)) ), you may give up on yourself, but he will not, trust me. This level of devotion for teaching can only make you think that you can not hope for a better choice of a driving instructor. And if John is all of that and even more, I can only assume that his colleagues are as good as him. I congratulate you, John, and A-star driving school, for your very well and awesome job done with every student you had and will have. You have added to your portfolio another happy and fresh independent driver, a job accomplished with your help. Best of wishes, keep up the good work you are doing and I strongly hope to see A-star growing more and more each year.

Danut, Leeds, Harehills, 27th Of August 2020

Good morning,
Learning to drive with John was an amazing experience. Great teacher, very patient and very understanding. Because of John I passed my driving test for the first time ! Glad I chose this driving school.
Highly recommended.
Kind regards,

(Passed First Time)

 Julian, Leeds, Oakwood, 21st Of September 2020

Thanks to Mr John’s skilful and caring guidance, I went into my test calm, confident and relaxed, which allowed me to pass first time with only 2 minor faults. He totally understands young people and how to help them overcome nerves and anxiety. I may have started off a lesson nervous, but would always finish with a sense of achievement, pride, and happiness in my progress. I really felt he believed in my ability and was totally committed, and that helped my confidence massively. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone; I started off a reluctant and terrified learner and now I look forward to driving wherever I can! I changed 3 instructors, but honestly John is the best instructor in Leeds.

(Passed First Time)

Daniel, Leeds, Chapel Allerton, 4th Of August 2020


Hi I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for but as somebody who wasn’t confident driving you were a very patient, supportive and reassuring instructor who helped build my confidence during lessons.
Your lessons are reasonably priced.
Your lessons covered all aspects of the driving test and you were very honest and open about how many lessons you felt I needed when I was preparing for a driving test, avoiding me needing to book any unnecessary lessons.
I would definitely recommend you to other people.

Miss Lucy, Leeds, City Centre, 3rd Of August 2020


I would like to thank my driving instructor for helping me passed my test firs time today! He has been a very great instructor and I would recommend to everyone wanting to get their driving licence to go with JM Driving driving school. I have not only learnt many useful techniques, but I’ve also enjoyed my time doing the lessons and feel very confident driving now, Thank you so much again!!!

(Passed First Time)

Omer, Harehills, Leeds.

I passed my driving test first time round within a very short 2 months’ timescale. John is a real professional, always punctual, very encouraging and instructs flawlessly. I couldn’t possibly ask for more in an instructor.

Adria, City Centtre, Leeds.

Had started driving lessons with another driving school, but I was not getting on to well, switched over to JM driving school and found the relaxed and professional approach to work very well, passed first time.

(Passed First Time)

Khan, Harehills, Leeds.

Driving lessons were very good, I would recommend them to all keen learners! Ability to teach thoroughly while remaining calm, pleasant and patient was very much, what I needed. If I ever made a mistake he would always know how to make me feel at easy, whatever, it wouldn’t play on my mind, managed to pass my theory and practical tests first time within three and a half months of beginning with JM Driving School, Happy year.

Balder, Roundhay, Leeds.

I chanced upon the website of JM Driving school and decided to continue my driving lessons after failing to pass a couple of times in the past. As one would expect. there was incredible amount of patience and guidance from his lesson which was most encouraging and sure enough, I easily passed my test with just 2 minor faults. Not only have I become a more confident driver, but have managed to be aware of many road situations a new driver will face and must overcome. I most definitely recommend JM driving school for any learner driver for the wonderful support I received. No regrets what you pay!!! Thanks once again to JOHN.

Abby, Meanwood, Leeds.

I finally passed my test on the 10th of October 2017, thanks to John Mer, who was a wonderful instructor. He was friendly, patient and always encouraging during the lessons, making sure I always learnt from any mistakes that were made. He was easy to talk to and made sure there was always a nice atmosphere in the car. Highly recommend him. Thanks again John.

Aden, Gipton, Leeds.

Thanks to JM driving school I passed the first attempt.

(Passed First Time)

Shannon, Alwoodley, Leeds.

First class support

Thanks to my instructor John from JM Driving for his excellent service, I received whilst preparing for my test, which I passed first time! I was an incredibly reluctant, so nervous driver; I never expected to pass on my first time. The lessons were comprehensive and consistent, with first class support all time. I am really enjoyed and very grateful. I would like to recommend this professional driving school highly enough.

Mohammad, Harehills, Leeds.

Goog Experience

Passed my test in Leeds Harehills, first time with four faults today 13th of November 2017, thanks to JM driving school. I had an excellent instructor, John really helped me to gain the necessary techniques excellent experience and confidence to pass in three months short time. Many of professional videos he sent me to watch and resources on the website as well which I did. So, happy with JM Driving School, I really want to recommend to any learner.

Adolph, Chapeltown, Leeds.

I was not making so progress with my last instructor, one time I called the JM Driving School. lessons were much better, and I passed first time.

(Passed First Time)

 Sara, Horsforth, Leeds.

Passed my driving test on the 14th August 2017 was a life changing experience that I could not have done without John tuition. You cannot go wrong by choosing JM Driving School to get you through you for your test, particularly if you have John by your side as your instructor. He is a very precise instructor, who will rapidly build your skill and confidence. I’ll always look back at my lessons with fondness and I couldn’t be more grateful for John’s time spent for me. If you choose JM Driving School, you will success sooner.

Angela, Alwoodley, Leeds.

I would like to say a huge thank you, today on 29th of August 2017 I passed my driving test with your help. I’m very glad I discovered your driving school, because your technique is just amazing. I hope you continue to make them and that your driving school grows with great success and I wanted to let you know I really appreciated for what you do, a huge thank you very much.

Khalid, Leeds HarehillS.

Mer is an amazing instructor. I enjoyed every lesson, he is very patient person, reliable and flexible. Mer can teach in way that is easier to understand and is very encouraging you. I would not have been able to pass my test, if it wasn’t for his excellent teaching. I passed my test on 19th October 2017. I would recommend Mer to anyone who would like to learn how to pass the test.

(Passed First Time)

Manoon, Leeds Chapetown.

I have really enjoyed my experience learning with JM Driving School and couldn’t see any a better instructor than John. He has been fantastic the whole way through, he was always patient with me and very friendly. I am very happy to have passed my test on 17/10/2017. Thank you very much for evething you have provided me.

Minta, Leeds Hyde Park.

My JM driving instructor was very supportive my period of learning to drive, also he ensured that I was totally understand and ready for everything on to drive on the road. I am very happy to have passed my driving test; I recommend JM Driving School to all my friends, a great driving school.  Thank you.

Kelvin, Leeds East End Park.

I really wouldn’t thank Mer enough. He’s incredibly in his teaching and really worked with me to insure I was comfortable so well prepared for the test. I unable have done it without his help. I went for my test on 1s of November 2017 knowing that I really knew everything I needed. He has been a fantastic tutor and I honestly, I would like to recommend.

(Passed First Time)

Porter, Leeds Kirkstall.

A lot better driving instructor than my previous instructor! John is kind and he makes it very easy to learn to drive correctly.

Thank you for being helped me to pass my driving test, I highly recommend with JM Driving School John a great driving instructor. Thanks.

Muhid, Leeds Chapeltown.

I have learnt a lot after having lessons with JM Driving school. I found it very helpful in passing my test.

Thank you

Neleentina, Leeds City Centre.

A massive thank you to my instructor John. I was very nervous learner, so became a confident learner, throughout my learning journey, John has been very calm, patient and very encouraging. I wasn’t keen on driving until my friend recommended JM driving school, also assured me that I will not regret taking up driving.
I totally agree with my friend, who was very correct about JM driving school.
A brilliant instructor as well as an excellent person. I would highly recommend JM Driving School for an expert and very professional service.

Maria, Leeds Lincoln Green 12th of December 2017.

John has been very helpful. A friendly instructor who showed me everything. John is the kind of instructor that goes extra mile for you and making sure you understand everything. Thanks

Liqa, Leeds Chapeltown 28th of December 2017.

JM driving school have been really supportive and the service they provided me was excellent. John gives you all the tools you need, knowledge and confidence to be able to become the best driver you can be and are always on hand to help if needed. Thanks to John passed the first time.

(Passed First Time)

Mark, Leeds, Little London 05/01/2018.

John is a great driving instructor. He is really kind and patient, throughout the lesson. He always clearly explains all subjects of driving so, I feel confident in his ability as a driver instructor. He is always prompt to start lessons. I Recommended to 3 of my friends already and would recommend to more friends.

Oamid, Leeds, Woodhouse, 23/01/2018.

Great instructor, I have tried a few instructors in Leeds, so Mer has been the best I found in Leeds. He takes time to explain everything you need and gives you good targets. He also, lets you drive as much as possible which is great for progress. I Would recommend to all who want to pass as soon as possible.

Jordine, Leeds, Lincoln Green 29th of January 2018.

First of all, thanks a lot to my kind instructor which I have passed my Practical Driving Test with the help and his hard work.
He is the best instructor for those who wants to learn driving very easily and professionally.
My instructor is very polite, kind, hard worker and honest.
Once again thanks for Everything you did for me Mr. John.

Karim, Leeds, Woodhouse, 12th of February 2018.

Really enjoyed my lessons, felt as though I could learn without feeling under pressure. Learnt a lot and helped me become a better driver than what I would have if I had taken lessons from anyone else. Thank you for your patience also.
Saskia Smith

Saskia, Leeds, Horsforth 13th of February 2018.

Massive thanks you to John for helping me to pass my practical test first time . Excellent instructor very patient and professional, very reliable, always on time and never missed a lesson, while I was with him. Would highly recommend to anybody wishing to pass their test first time.

Nesar, Leeds, Gipton 17th of February 2018.

I passed on the 21st of February 2018 with JM driving school. I had an amazing experience and my instructor taught me every bit along the way. I would not have been able to pass with anyone else but JM driving school.

My instructor was Mohammed & I would truly recommend him to other potential learners wanting to get on the road ASAP with all the skills and experience he teaches.

Mohammed’s Innovative and simplistic methods and way of teaching helped me pass.

Truly thankful,


Lina, Gipton, Leeds, 21st of February 2018.

I would like to thank you very much for all your help John, with my driving lessons, it wasn’t essay to achieved without your help this would not be possible to be honest. I have really enjoyed our lessons with you very much, so I loved your professional approach in explaining the details as they are really important to know to pass the practical driving test.
If I am going to describe your driving sessions in 3 words I would say, excellent, superb and
thanks again.

(Passed First Time)

Mohammed ,Leeds, Harehills, 22th 0f February 2018.

I really like to drive with Mer. I have had 3 instructors until I met him, so I know a thing about how important, it is that you get on with your instructor. He was very caring, understanding, but always made sure to give me positive comments and feedback. I would like to recommend him to anyone, who’s thinking of learning to drive to pass the practical test, who’s been learning for a while but still hadn’t found the confidence in driving. I did my pass plus with Mer as well, my pass plus certificate received on 24th February 2018. Thank you Rufshana

Rufshana, Leeds, Harehills,

John is a excellent instructor, John is very friendly, patient and punctual. He gave me confidence learning to drive a pleasure. I passed my test on Monday 26th of January 2018 and I will miss him, I would highly recommend him to others, who like to learn sooner and safer. Thanks

Shakeel, Leeds, Chapeltown, 26th of February 2018.

Very good instructor good time keeping and polite.

Raheem, Leeds, Chapeltown, 16th Of March 2018.

John is an excellent instructor and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better! Since transferring from one instructor to John, I gained confidence on the roads and enjoyed every one of my lessons. I will be recommending him to my friends and would highly recommend him if you’re wanting to learn how to drive!!

Thanks again John ????

Rosie, Horsforth, Leeds, 19th Of March 2018.

Thank you for all the help that I received in the 2/3 months from my instructor and him being  able to get me to doing my test in quick succession and pass it for the first time. I love driving with JM driving school and I would love to carry on my driving and would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering it, as it is also cheaper than others.

John Mer is a perfectly trained instructor and if you want a chilled person, he’s the one and he will make sure you get the result that you want in the end of the day. I always looked forward for when I could have my next driving lesson, as he’s made it so easy and calm to drive. Thank you so much

(Passed First Time)

Dominic, City Center, Leeds, 20th Of March 2018.

Mer was a fantastic instructor, he didn’t rush with my progress of subjects. Mer was really helpful on the build-up for your test and ensured I was relaxed, calm and ready for my test.

Meanwhile, Mer used various methods of teaching and involved myself in answering and questions about driving without realising I knew the answer.

I highly recommend to all my friends, as the price and quality of the teaching.

(Passed First Time)

Harry, Armley, Leeds, 28th Of March 2018.

Would highly recommend John, he is a fantastic instructor and very helpful. I have had 3 instructors in the past and John is definitely the best one I have had. I felt comfortable when driving and always got positive feedback, he is very patient and will explain anything more than once if needed. I was placed into my test confidently which led me to success.

Jade, Hyde Park, Leeds, 4th Of April 2018.

A big thanks to my instructor John. He was very professional, on time and to the point! I always felt like I have made the most of my time during the lessons and built confidence to pass the test. I would definitely recommend John to anyone who aims to get results quickly and feel safe on the road!

Tomas Jokubauskas

Tomas, Lincoln Green, Leeds, 12th Of April 2018.

I have had 2 instructors in the past and John was definitely the best one. I felt comfortable while driving with him and always got positive feedback, he is very patient and calm, more than that he always boosted my confidence, and being a nervous driver myself, he always made sure that I believed in my driving and let me learn at my own pace and mistakes rather than stopping car and having big long discussions. I passed my test in first attempt which I was completely sure I wasn’t prepared to even give. Well for any nervous anxious drivers  I highly recommend john, no body can be so calm patient punctual and positive .plan to do my passplus with him soon.
Thanks  a ton John can’t thank you enough. Good luck.
Fozia khan.

(Passed First Time)

Khan, Alwoodley, Leeds, 30th Of April 2018

After driving for some months on my Norwegian License, it was time for me to get my (Private Hire License for work purposes). My colleague, who was also taking the Practical Exam with JM Driving School, recommended I take some lessons with JM Driving School. Great choice indeed! My instructor was very professional, thorough, and most of all, patient. He’s very experienced, knows the routes (where I tested). He showed me how to properly execute a roundabout and provided great tips for making my overall driving even better. What more could anyone really ask for? I would truly recommend anyone who needs lessons for Private Hire. They really have the best rates and experienced/people -friendly instructors. You won’t be disappointed!

Jewzet, Oakwood, Leeds, 22c Of May 2018

Dear JM

Thank you for the driving lessons. I changed driving instructors half way and I’m glad I did as I learnt really quick with you and you were always on time and never cancelled. Thanks for all the support and I passed my practical driving test first time.

(Passed First Time)

Jamshed, Hyde Park, Leeds, 23th Of May 2018

I started taking driving lessons because, I wanted to get my driving licence very soon, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it will be. I was very lucky to have Mr John as my instructor.   His calm way of explaining things and different situations made me understand, how to drive better? I learned to anticipate potential situations on the road which helped me understand what safe driving really means. Fortunately, I passed my driving test first time. But I continued taking lessons for my pass pulse as well. Thank you, John, it was a pleasure and a privilege to learn from your driving school. Would gladly recommend John to anyone looking for a patient, calm and knowledgeable driving instructor.

(Passed First Time)

Alexander, Roundhay, Leeds 19th Of June 2018

Received excellent lessons and instruction from John throughout my lessons learning to drive. He was patient so helpful, when I made mistakes he encouraged me to driver better. Professional and great driving instructor!

Thanks John

(Passed First Time)

Ahmed, Harehills, Leeds, 28th Of June 2018

I am very happy with JM driving-School in Leeds, I passed my test the first time and did it at Bradford test centre even I have never practice there, but with the help and tips of John it is possible to drive anywhere. I really recommend JM driving-School to everyone.

(Passed First Time)

Darius, Chapeltown, Leeds, 26th Of June 2018.

Huge well done to Jo passed his test first time with only 3 minor fault ,brilliant result.

(Passed First Time)

Jo, Lincoln Green, Leeds, 29th Of June 2018.

John is very kind and patient. Also, he can give clear, helpful instructions and corrections which allow you to become confident and thorough driver. He is also funny, which makes the lessons enjoyable. I would recommend him to anyone!!!!
Thank you so much John.

Bob, Lincoln Green, Leeds, 9th Of July 2018.

Passed from the first time. Strongly recommend John as a highly skilled professional knowing and loving his job.

(Passed First Time)

Andrew, City Centre, Leeds, 16th Of July 2018.

Thank you very much Mer. You’re really a fantastic instructor who is supportive , well-organised and Punctual.

Oumer, Burmantofts, Leeds, 20th Of July 2018.

John is a fab instructor, he is so easy to talk to you and I always enjoyed our weekly lessons. Right from the very first lesson he put me at ease despite my frequent nerves and quickly built up my confidence through constant reassurance and encouragement. Now that I’ve passed my test there’s no better feeling than being able to jump in my car and go anywhere in UK I want. Thanks very much John!!!!!

Ahmad, Harehills, Leeds, 14th Of August 2018.

Had John as my instructor, he was an excellent mentor and was always very clear and helpful in any situation where I needed his help. I was very lucky to have John as my instructor. His calm way of explaining things and different situations made me understand the car and the traffic better. I learned to anticipate potential situations on the road which helped me understand what safe driving really means. So, thank you John, it was a pleasure and a privilege to learn from you. Would gladly recommend John to anyone looking for a patient, calm and knowledgeable driving instructor.

Abeer, Oahwood, Leeds, 3rd of September 2018.

Passed firs time, John was an amazing instructor passed me with no problems his instructions were clear and always made sense helped me explain things in a better way can’t thank him enough.

(Passed First Time)

Brith, Halton Moor, Leeds  9th Of October 2018.

I just wanted to say thank you, John for your great driving instructions. Not only did I pass the UK practical exam, but I am feeling  as normal driver. That never would have happened without your guidance. You were so patient and so kind with your instructions. Scheduling lessons was very simple as you were so flexible in your availability. I would recommend you to anyone needing driving lessons in Leeds.
Thank you, again.

Amanda, Meanwood, Leeds, 16th Of October 2018.

Passed my practical driving test first time with ‘JM Driving School. John is excellent teacher. Very motivational and patient. Explains things clearly and is very helpful. Very positive when you are struggling with something, I would defiantly recommend to all.

(Passed First Time)

Chloe, Leeds, Burley, 8th Of November 2018.

I really enjoyed my time learning to drive with John, and I passed the first time, thank you so much to John, who made the whole experience pleasant and easy, due to his good teaching and listening skills for Taxi. He helped me meet my goals on-time and gave clear instruction that helped me to progress quickly and get up and running in no time. I highly recommend JM Driving School to anyone learning for Taxi.

(Passed First Time)

, Holbeck, Leeds, 9th Of November 2018.

Thank you very much for all what you did for me, you are great driving instructor, i strongly recommend you to all my friends who needs to get driving licence.

Kind regards
Ciprian Petrisor Tudosa

Ciprian Petrisor Tudosa, Leeds, Seacroft, 12th Of November 2018.

I PASSED THE FIRST ATTEMPT, John is the must be one of the best driving instructors out there. So patient and calm but also strict and methodical. Really knows how to teach and build confidence in a learner driver. He is really hopefully instructor; JM Driving School has a real asset.

(Passed First Time)

Leeds, Chapeltown, 13th Of November 2018.

I had struggled with my driving and given up one years ago. I decided to try JM Driving School as I had heard good things about JM Driving School and it was the best choice I had made so far about learning to drive! I was placed with an excellent instructor called John,  who restored my confidence and focused on the areas I had problems to finally get me through the test, all in the space of two weeks! Fortunately passed first time,  JM Driving School were very helpful and prompt with every response – they found me a test soon after at a test center of my choice. I would definitely recommend.

(Passed First Time)

, Leeds, Lincoln Green, 1st Of December 2018.

I really appreciate that John has been my instructor I passed first time with 2 minor faults. I had tried other two driving school before meeting John. With no doubt that JM Driving School was the best. When the first time I met John, he knew exactly what I needed and what I should be learning at the first place. I have been learning driving with John all the way, and he has taught me all the useful skills, including using navigation. I had been struggling with things like multi lane roundabout, and I was so nervous and panic before the driving test, but thanks to John, he helped me go through all these and more importantly, he let me know the importance of being a safe driver. Now I have got my driving licence, and become one of these responsible and safe road users. I would strongly recommend JM Driving School to anyone who wants to learn driving and be a safe driver. ?

Thank you so much John.

(Passed First Time)

Jacob, Leeds, Whinmoor, 3rd Of December 20018.

I have gone through a few instructors of which, I was not happy with. I did not find myself looking forward to going to lessons with these previous instructors I had before John. I started searching online and found JM Driving School, it had very good student reviews that convinced me to contact John and book my first lesson with John. From my first lesson to last I have had the most relaxed and calm driving and always looked forward to lessons with John. He taught me that well that I have become confident and a safe driver and passed my test on the first time. I cannot recommend JM Driving School highly enough to people who are looking for a very patient, kind, friendly and high quality way of teaching.

Thank you again John.

(Passed First Time)

, Leeds, Little London, 20th Of December 2018.

Being impressed by a substantial number of positive feedbacks for JM Driving School, I contacted John just a couple of months before the expiry of my theory test. John proved a true professional, who knows how to teach practical driving. He explains driving techniques in a easy way so, an inexperienced driver as I was can easily understand how to approach various road situations. Apart from being an excellent instructor, he is a very nice, friendly person. I enjoyed every lesson, passed the test 1st time and would certainly recommend John to those who are seeking high quality driving lessons.

(Passed First Time)

Fatima, Leeds, Chapeltown, 8th Of January 2019.

I just wanted to say HUGE THANK YOU for your great driving instructions. Not only did I pass the UK practical exam for first time, but I had 2 fouls for a perfect exam. That never would have happened without John guidance. You were so patient and so kind with your instructions. Scheduling lessons was very simple as you were so flexible in your availability. I would recommend you to anyone needing driving lessons.
Once Again Thank You John.

Fernanndo, Leeds, Chpeltown, 22s Of January 2019.

What can I say! Brilliant driving school to go through for an intensive. Great communication, great price and the only driving school in Leeds to offer an assessment before paying so that you don’t overpay for too many hours. My instructor, John, was amazing and really helped build my confidence throughout the 12 days. I passed first attempt. I was kept up to date by momentum via text message regularly and had absolutely no issues whatsoever!”

(Passed First Time)

Stefan, Harehills, Leeds, Passed on 7th Of January 2019.

I can’t thank you enough John for helping me pass the practical driving test on my first attempt in 1 week! As an international driver, obtaining a British driving licence seemed too daunting. I was anxious and completely overwhelmed with the challenge of mastering skills required to drive legally and safely in England. Your calm approach to teaching really put me at easy way. You were acutely aware that I needed reassurance to build my driving confidence and always ended each lesson with a positive comment. I can say without a doubt that I wouldn’t have passed the practical driving test without your expertise and gentle guidance. Thanks again!!!

Manuel, Chapeltown, Leeds, Passed on 12th Of February 2019.

I first want to thank my great driving instructor John for all the great advice he gave me, which ultimately allowed me to pass my driving test. The things he taught me weren’t only useful for the test but will also come in handy for real life driving and all sorts of situations.
I also won’t to give thanks to my driving instructor, who was extremely nice and professional before the test.
I can definitely recommend this driving school to anybody learning to drive, or even to people who want to learn some valuable tips and tricks to better understand the safety of the road.

Miss Shandae Woodhouse, Leeds, Passed on 20th Of March 2019.

I had the wonderful John as my driving instructor. Before I started driving lessons I was really nervous, about what to expect. John so kind and helpful as a driving instructor and as a result I passed my theory and practical test first time. I would not have been able to pass either tests first time with anyone else. I get really anxious before knowing that I am going to be tested and he really assured me that everything would be okay and that I was ready. I just wanted to say how he is a fantastic instructor, so I would definitely recommend John to Definitely to anyone.

(Passed First Time)

Seacroft, Leeds, Passed on 18th Of March 2019.

I did the driving course for manual driving and had the instructor, John. It was an absolutely fantastic experience as I passed first time! John was incredibly knowledgeable about driving and was able to explain really and concisely why and how to do driving to not only pass a test but also to drive at high standard for the future. He never wasted any time, always worked out when I needed a break and was very calm in some quite stressful situations. If it wasn’t for his style of instructing and great knowledge about the test and how to drive to a very high standard there is no way I could have passed first time. I highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn in a short space of time, whatever your level. Needless to say, I had a fantastic experience with JM Driving School and my instructor overall.

(Passed First Time)

Chapeltown, Leeds, Passed on 10th Of April 2019.

With John’s help, I passed my driving test first time at harehills driving test centre this afternoon! I still cannot believe that I did it!!! John is not only my instructor but also my mentor. He always tell me believe in myself and be confident! I had such a great experience with JM Driving School. And please please contact John if you need during lessons, he is the best driving instructor in town!!!!! Thank you John for everything!

(Passed First Time)

Duo Seacroft, Leeds, Passed on 10th Of May 2019.

Passed Fist Time, Now it’s sunk in I just want to say that I’m grateful for all your patience with me and I couldn’t of asked for a better instructor xx

(Passed First Time)

Jade Headingley, Leeds, Passed on 23th Of May 2019.

John was amazing and Quick, informative responses, also great driving instructor and reasonable prices. Before John, I had 4 driving instructors from different companies, when checked on JM Driving School I found very good feedback. John was professional but friendly enough to put me at ease during my lessons. He was certain of how well I could drive before I was and built my confidence. When I passed today on 13th of June, I’m pretty sure he was happier than me!!!!!

Definitely I recommend these guys to all my friends.

(Passed First Time)

Sara Hyde Park, Leeds, Passed on 13th Of June 2019.

Well done mate passed first time only a few faults great result and stay safe.

(Passed First Time)

Middleton, Leeds, Passed on 21st Of June 2019.

Well done Magdalena brilliant passed first time, and so nice to get it out the way.

(Passed First Time)

Magdalena Harehills, Leeds, Passed on 15th Of July 2019.

Congratulation Kiaya passed first time today with only 4 driver faults. Well done Kiaya excellent result.

(Passed First Time)

Oakwood Leeds, Passed on 29th Of July 20019.

I’ve done lessons with other instructors before but no one is like Mr. John He doesn’t only tell you what to do but also why you are doing it. He would patiently answer all your questions and help you find your weakness. I would give 100 stars if this website let me. If anyone’s looking for an instructor, Mr. John, he’s the one you need!!!

Javid Harehills, Leeds, Passed on 23rd Of August 2019

I passed my driving test on the first time, and it was all thanks to John!!! I had never driven before and at first I was very a nervous driver, however, after a couple of lessons I felt confident. John tells you and also shows you how to do things, so as to break it down and simplify it all so that you really understand what you are doing. He also gives you all times tips on how to do manoeuvres the easiest way that you will be tested on and he knows all the test routes. At times I didn’t think I was going to be able to do my lessons due to work commitments.. I can’t rate him highly enough! Thanks John

(Passed First Time)

Sarah Gledhow,  Leeds, Passed on 5th Of September 2019

John has been a great instructor and it was pleasure learning from him. He is very friendly and made me feel at ease even when I was nervous. He is really honest I have improved a lot thanks to his teachings. Highly recommend to all!

Ahsan Burmantofts, Leeds, Passed on 25th Of September 2019

Hello. Yesterday I passed my practical driving test first time, that I gave with Mr. John Mer. Is a great instructor and I recommend him to all people who want to make the school driving. I learned with him many things in a short time and I am happy I choose him to be my instructor. Thank you for patience, professionalism and understanding. Good luck with your  driving school and I hope you will have many pupils!

(Passed First Time)

Claudia Roundhay, Leeds, Passed on 30th Of September 2019.

Hello thanks for all the help and you are a good instructor and you helped me past 1st attempt. And i will be recommending you to other people to take lessons with you. Thanks

(Passed First Time)

Ali Chapeltown, Leeds, Passed on 2s Of October 2019.

I’ve had a very great experience learning to drive with Mr John. At times where I made mistakes, he really helped me to correct them by explaining the concepts thoroughly and letting me practice my weak points frequently. John always makes sure that you know all about test routes so that you are highly prepared for the test. This has really improved my overall quality of driving and has helped me pass the practical driving test for first time. I would highly recommend choosing John as great instructor!

(Passed First Time)

Mary West Park, Leeds, Passed On 28th Of October 2019.

First of all, I would like to thank my great driving instructor John for all the great advice he gave me, which ultimately allowed me to pass my driving test first time. The things he taught me weren’t only useful for the test but will also come in handy for real life driving and all sorts of situations.
I can definitely recommend this driving school to anybody learning to drive, or even to people who want to learn some valuable tips and tricks to better understand the safety of the road in UK.

Wali Harehills, Leeds, Passed On 22nd Of November 2019.


I started off driving lessons confidently with the help and guidance of Mr. John my instructor. Despite the reassurance from him leading up to my driving test, I began to feel very anxious and doubted my driving ability. He helped me with my weakness and explained very clearly. I went into my test believing in myself, feeling much more confident and I passed first time with flying bird. Thanks to Mr. John.

(Passed First Time)

Little London, Leeds, Passed On 3rd Of December 2019.

I would like to give John a massive thank you, for helping me pass my test 2nd time, with only 3 minors. Always we were having a good laugh during the lessons. Which I am going to miss John. Would highly recommend John to anyone looking for a great instructor in Leeds.

Franz Chapeltown, Leeds, Passed On 9th Of December 2019.

I passed 2c attempt, I found the teaching was broken down very well and I was not asked to do anything too difficult in the early stages of driving. John is very flexible with the lesson times and flexible pick up/drop of points. With The Driving School Leeds I have learnt to become a very safe and responsible driver. I had great fun learning to drive, lots of laughs along the way, I highly recommend John to anybody who needs to learn to drive in. Shaomin

Shaomin Halton, Leeds, Passed on 30th Of December 2019.


Big thank you to John, great instructor and very helpful, got me through my test 1st time, definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking for a Driving School in Leeds West Yorkshire.

Adi Harehills, Leeds, Passed On 4th Of January 2020.

Learning with John was fantastic! He knows his stuff to ensure you pass your test but most of time he care, how to keep you safe on the roads as well. Thanks John

Darus Shapeltown, Leeds, Passed On 7th Of January 2020.

John is a great driving instructor, who is patient, consistent and dedicated to teaching his pupils the best way he can. He has a good experience which makes you feel very comfortable and uses humour to make lessons more enjoyable. He helped me pass my test first time. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning with John as my instructor and very grateful for all his efforts in helping me to pass my test.Janee

Janee Harehills, Leeds, Passed On 28th Of January 2020.

If you’re serious about learning to drive, and if you’re reading these statements you obviously are, then look no further than JM Driving School. John does exactly what you need it. From start to finish John operate an extremely professional business and make the whole process of booking your lesson and tests easy. My instructor John, not only taught me to drive but he instilled the confidence with me to believe in myself, which at the age of 21 had been serious lacking since the age of 17. This guy is the best driving instructor you could have. He never cancelled lessons, was never late and never showed any sign of impatience however bad my lessons were going. I never believed I could do it but John did believe and for that I will always be very grateful. I had weekly lessons followed by an intensive course. In my opinion I don’t believe that any other driving school could come even close to offering the service that JM Driving School offer and he should be very, very proud of his company.

Xiaofeng Harehills, Leeds, Passed On 24th Of February 2020.

I passed my test first attempt; I think JM Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Leeds. The highly qualified and experienced driving instructor taught me not only the basics skills of how to pass my driving test, but also gave me the great confidence I like to become a safe road user. It has been an absolute pleasure to be taught by John and I would recommend JM Driving School to anyone who is learning to drive.

(Passed First Time)

Joseph Est End Park, Leeds, Passed On 5th Of March 2020.

After going with John through recommendation, I couldn’t believe how confident I was made to feel. When my instructor John told me to book for my practical test I was expecting an 8 week wait – instead I was able to get a cancellation. I spoke to John my instructor and he told me that his car was available that day and was really pleased when I passed first time after only 18 lessons, thanks to John for advice and tuition he had given me. I am now looking forward to completing my Pass Plus course with John.

Kevin Hyde Park, Leeds, Passed On 7th Of March 2020.

Local are well known and has reasonable prices were one of the reasons I picked them.  John also had a good pass rate so I believed he would get me to pass quickly. John is calm and patient but can have a good laugh with you. He gives constructive criticism and makes you feel you are doing really well even if you make a mistake. Thanks John.

Leon Headingley, Leeds, Passed On 14th Of March 2020.